car vacuum cleaner

It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the interior. In fact, there are some ways to prevent dust from entering the car, such as the correct use of air regulation internal and external circulation system, regular cleaning of air regulation pipeline and air filtration.

1. Correct use of air conditioning internal and external circulation system: under normal circumstances, we use external circulation, that is, take air from outside the car, add fresh air to the car. But when there is bad air outside, we must remember to switch the air to adjust the internal and external circulation, otherwise we will accidentally circulate outside.

2. Clean air conditioning pipes and air filters regularly: if you often pass through the road with too much dust and bad environment recently, pay attention to it. There may be a large accumulation of dust in your vehicle's air conditioning radiators and ducts. If not cleaned in time, it will be harmful to human health. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the air regulating pipe and air air filter frequently.

3. Open the window according to the situation: when driving in the urban area, there is much dust and high concentration of automobile exhaust, opening the window will damage the health of passengers, so you should choose to close the window to open the air and adjust to the internal circulation state. In the suburbs or on the highway, the air is fresh. You can open the window slightly to promote the air circulation, which is good for the health of passengers.