Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Now most people are more pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the car, we saw the most is to wash the car 4 s shop, the inside of the cleaning and maintenance is always be ignored, the car is the dirty place in addition to the surface of the seat, seat leather or fabric seats, there will always be some dirt residue, long time not to clean there will be some taste, very bad, there to share with you a few clean small methods, the process is simple and does not hurt the seat.

1.Dust clean

Before we use water to clean the seat, we need to clean the dust and impurities above. Compared with the whole seat cover, the direct cleaning method looks slightly incomplete, but as long as we do it properly, we can achieve the cleaning effect.

For cleaning dust inside the car, you don't use hand on a few times, there are many subtle gap of dust has entered the seats, can use the vacuum cleaner to clean it again in the home, and then clean with cleaner, vacuum cleaner can be in the car for a regular vacuuming, also can ensure the car environmental health.

2.Soapy water clean

Soap and water for automobile surface glass has the effect of dust prevention, household life also is the role of clean, we also can be used to clean the car seats, we check the soap with a basin of warm water to melt, with your hand after a bubble, and then to prepare a good water imbibition it will take towel dipped in soapy water to wipe the seat, this way will not harm the seats.

When choosing other cleaners to note that in neutral or weak acid weak alkaline cleaning products is good, clean it again then use clean cloth to wipe it again, the door opened the ventilation, to ensure that the seat completely closed the door again when dry, moldy or it will happen, so the cleaning effect will be somewhat less.

3.Cleaning tool

Cleaning tool is more concern on the one hand, can't literally take out household's cloth clean vehicles, most of the time will have minor scratches on car, it is best to use a special it will take that there would be no effect on car, clean effect will be better, sponges and dishcloths are, of course, that can be used, or need to select in accordance with the customs of all clean at ordinary times.