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Many owners will regularly for love foal maintenance and repair, but only focus on the appearance of beauty, and ignore the maintenance of day and night sitting seat. In fact, whether leather or velvet seats, long-term exposure to sunlight, dust, stains, body oil, will easily become hard, fade and aging. If you want to increase the service life of the seat, do not want to cage stains and mold, you must need regular maintenance and cleaning car seats.

Today, our experts share how to clean and care for leather and velvet car seats.

Before you start cleaning

Car owners should check the seat carefully for holes. If so, extra care should be taken when cleaning to avoid letting water, detergent or maintenance oil seep in. In addition, the driver should read the car's manual. The manual should provide detailed instructions on how to properly clean and maintain leather seats and let you know which cleaning products should not be used on car seats.

Leather seat maintenance

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Owners can use leather soft cleaner or foam wipe every one to three months to maintain and decontaminate. They are soft and do not damage the skin. They are sold in general auto supply stores. It is recommended that after cleaning, do not use a hair dryer to dry, you can use a soft cloth to gently dry or air dry.

Note that no household cleaners or alkaline cleaners can be used to clean leather seats. Doing so can dry out the leather, crack it or even tear it. The protective layer on the surface of the leather can also be damaged, causing the skin to fade, or stain with dirt.

Maintenance of oil

After cleaning, the driver can rub leather maintenance oil. How to choose the right maintenance oil is also a knowledge. Leather car seat because need water-resistant, so the surface will be processed, and the general maintenance oil is difficult to infiltrate inside.

We suggest that owners can use water-based leather maintenance oil, because it has the role of leather softening, maintain its degree of extension. Oily leather maintenance oil touch is not good, easy to attach dirt or contaminated with bacteria, so the price is usually cheaper.

Other matters

Owners should try to stay away from heat sources (such as cigarette butts) and park in the shade to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. In addition, the owner should also avoid sharp objects scratch leather.

Velvet seat maintenance

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Velvet seats are relatively easy to clean. If it is not very dirty, the owner can use the brush of long hair and the vacuum cleaner with strong suction, brush the surface of the seat, and suck out the dirt with the suction of the vacuum cleaner.

If the car is dirty, then the owner can first use a brush to clean the dirty part, and then spray the velvet seat cleaner on the cloth, in the case of half dry and half wet with cloth or special glue brush to wash and wipe the seat, and clean the seat again with a vacuum cleaner and absorb the excess water. After cleaning, the driver should wipe with a wrung out damp cloth and allow to air dry to remove the odor.