car vacuum cleaner

  • When you leave home for a date, you're behind, and the passenger seat is littered with the French fries you ate three hours earlier.
  • On your way to meet a client and take them to lunch, you suddenly notice that your child has left a layer of fruit loops on the back seat.
  • Your mom is coming to visit you, and you're going to pick her up at the airport, but now you realize that there's an unrecognizable layer of dust on your dashboard, on your console, on everything - you're so used to it that you don't notice it until you imagine your mom's more critical eyes!

Sound familiar?

What do all these cases have in common? You are pressed for time. Now you need to vacuum your car, but you don't really have the money to venture out and drive around looking for a reasonably priced gas station vacuum - and worse, if it happens that your car is popular, you'll be there waiting your turn.

While you're waiting for your date to walk out the door, or your client to show up on the side of the road, or your mother to emerge from the airport exit, you can unpack your suitcase, grab a portable car vacuum cleaner (the kind that plugs in a lighter), and check your interior decor: it may not be perfect; It may be a band-aid that will never stop you from eating fried food and sprinkling fruit, but it works. Everyone should have a vacuum cleaner in their car, available at all times.

But maybe you haven't considered all the possibilities. This is good; Here are some tips for using a car vacuum cleaner.

Maybe the vacuum cleaner will start to sink.

1) Keep the vacuum cleaner in the car at all times.

It may seem obvious, but never take the vacuum cleaner out of the car. That's the way of life. If you take it out and forget to bring it, it will be the day you need it most. You don't want to be caught off guard by fate.

2) Remember the cracks.

Some car vacuums have gadgets that fit into all the crevices of your car. Don't neglect to reach these areas that your hands may not be able to reach; This is where organic matter like food accumulates, which creates a nasty smell that fills your car. A small paper tree without the smell of pine can be covered up, or it will attract pests and be no fun at all.

3) Be sure to take valuables with your hands first.

Don't be surprised when your laundry money or other valuables dangle in the vacuum box. No one wanted to reach in and fish it out. Don't vacuum blindly. Before you start vacuuming, take some time to crawl around and make sure nothing important is in danger.

With these tips, you can easily become a successful car vacuuming expert; So install a vacuum cleaner in your car to avoid these awkward situations right away.