Car Jump Starter

Battery commonly known as the battery, so as to ensure the power supplies for all the electrical system on vehicle, car is becoming more and more powerful, the electronic and computerized degree of reliance on battery is very big, bad, lack of battery vehicles can produce all kinds of fault, serious will cause the vehicle, so, we should attach great importance to the maintenance and maintenance of car battery.

The battery used on the car is generally lead-acid battery, there are two kinds of common lead-acid battery, one is water maintenance type, the other is maintenance-free type, most of the current model configuration of the battery is maintenance-free lead-acid battery.

There is no difference in nature between the two batteries, both of which react dilute acids with metal ions to produce electronuclear transfer. The difference in usage is the need to replenish the electrolyte and the need not to replenish the electrolyte. Daily use of automobile battery system

Battery whether maintenance or maintenance free type has a use problem, the first choice we want to make clear a principle, that is, before the engine starts the whole car used electricity from the battery, after the engine drives the generator to generate electricity, for the use of all electrical appliances on the car. Correct use of electrical equipment on the car can prolong the life of the battery, but also make the battery to maintain a good working condition, which is often ignored by many owners.

When starting the car, especially when the battery is used in winter, the continuous uninterrupted use of the starter will lead to the damage of the battery due to excessive discharge. It is recommended not to start the vehicle for more than 5 seconds each time and not less than 15 seconds between starts again.

Air conditioning is powered by the engine, but the associated heat control and fan systems consume a lot of electricity. Insufficient engine speed or idle speed may not be able to provide the battery charge, then it will consume the battery power, therefore, we try to avoid the use of air conditioning when parking.

Minimize the use of electrical equipment such as acoustics and lights when the engine is stopped. In addition, when getting on the car at night, start the engine and then turn on the headlights, turn off the headlights before stopping the engine, raise the power window and then turn off the engine, in short, after the engine starts and then use all kinds of electrical equipment on the car is the best habit to save battery power.

Car battery system maintenance

The electrode connection of the battery is prone to oxidation problems, so often pay attention to check. Found that there is green oxide at the electrode connection, must be washed away with boiling water, otherwise it will cause the generator to charge the battery is insufficient, so that the battery is in a state of power deficit, which can not hit the car, and even cause the battery to scrap in advance. Check whether there is any aging or short circuit in each part of the circuit to prevent damage to the battery due to excessive discharge. When dealing with green oxide, wash it off with boiling water and blow dry the water, then cover it with butter to prevent the oxide layer from appearing again.

Water maintenance type lead-acid battery

The electrolyte of the lead-acid battery is a weak acid mixed with sulfuric acid and distilled water. The battery loading use after a period of time, especially after the hot summer, there will be a electrolyte evaporation, and make the drawdown, lead to internal electrodes above liquid level, low efficiency, a static voltage, output current state such as smaller, use for a long time in such a state, the life of the battery will end in advance.

We should regularly check the electrolyte level, can be from the battery shell liquid level line or open the plastic cover (6) internal ruler to see, the battery liquid should be insufficient to add distilled water to the appropriate level, remember: do not add more, do not add other liquid at will.

After adding distilled water to the battery, the electrolyte density (acid and water ratio) should also be checked to keep the battery fluid density in a reasonable range.

The key points of maintenance battery inspection are: battery liquid level and battery liquid density.

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery

We do not think that the maintenance free battery is nothing tube, maintenance free battery daily maintenance is also very important. Improper use will lead to battery life decline and early obsolescence,

Maintenance-free battery is provided with an electric eye, can observe the condition of the battery, can indicate the storage of the battery and the position of the electrolyte level, will change the color according to the changes in the proportion of electrolyte. When the indicator is green, it indicates that the charge is sufficient and the battery is normal; When the green dots are few or black, it indicates that the battery needs to be charged; If the indicator eye is light yellow, it indicates that the battery is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Maintenance-free battery is also needed to pay water, but the structure of the maintenance-free battery, in the process of use of water in the electrolyte gasification is particularly slow, the amount of gas analysis is less than the ordinary battery.

If you have the ability to owners, you can try to add water to maintain:

Open the seal cover plate, you can pry open the tool, the cover plate can be opened after adding water, water after the seal cover plate is processed again. There is also a way to add water. The battery is composed of six grids, and six holes are punched in the lid at the same distance, using a medical syringe

Add water to the hole inside, add to the liquid level to flood the plate, with stainless steel self-tapping wire into 6 holes seal. Distilled water is used here, and no liquid such as pure water can be used.

Maintenance-free battery inspection focus is: regularly check the electric eye and power situation.

Car battery charging and simple repair

Conventional battery charging and discharging easy polarization, charging commonly (using the auto generator or constant voltage and constant current charging machine) will make the inside of the battery electrolyte to produce hydrogen gas, permeate to plate generates Cao, bring down the effective capacity of the battery, such as time passes discharge time is short, charging time is short, namely auto generator is never the battery is full, Car electricity will never use up the battery, a flush full, battery scrap. There is a phenomenon, our battery is not full capacity, even if it is new, the reason is that there is part of the battery plate is not active, this part of the plate dormant, need to activate to restore the capacity of the battery, activation method is discharge - charging, here will not describe.

Now there is a kind of "intelligent pulse repair charger" can better repair the battery charging, using PWM accurate control of current and voltage, to ensure that the battery is fully full, avoid overcharge.