Car Vacuum Cleaner

Cleanliness and hygiene, it is a different concept. The exterior of the car is usually washed and looks clean... But in reality, it's probably dirtier than a toilet or garbage dump, like a leather seat in a car.

Real leather = luxury + high

However, the high-end leather seats have to pay a price, usually in the role of ultraviolet light, high temperature, will lose luster, tactile hardening, a variety of cracks and other phenomena.

In addition to aging, the problem of dust and dirt accumulation is not negligible. Because the car is a completely sealed space, dust and sediment once brought in through air conditioning or human factors, especially light and dark black interiors, will become dirty and dark, and harbor a lot of bacteria.

There are some dad car, the babies always like to drink drinks and eat snacks in the car, food residue is easy to get on the seat, clean not clean, the seat may be moldy, smell.

In addition, like the door handle holder such a frequently touched position, the sweat of the hand, stains will penetrate into the inside, directly wipe with a towel is impossible to remove clean.

According to foreign research analysis, the average car has more than 700 kinds of bacteria, and the number of bacteria on the steering wheel of a car is four times that of a public toilet! These bacteria can cause skin infections, abdominal pain and even food poisoning.

And for more than a month of rainy days, think of the rain on the body, the mud at the foot of the water, rub against your leather cushion, step on your plush floor, TSK, how can not heartache? Therefore, the interior is dirty, you only use a towel to wipe is completely cure the symptoms.

The correct way is to regularly clean the interior 2-3 times a year, thoroughly clean the dirt with professional interior cleaner, and use the way of atomization sterilization to carry out a comprehensive and thorough sterilization on the car. In addition, there is a particularly important point: after washing to maintain.

Interior cleaning matters needing attention

In the interior cleaning process, what else need to pay special attention to?

1. Neutral cleaner should be selected for interior cleaning

Interior cleaning needs to use professional neutral cleaning agent to clean, do not use washing powder, detergent or some other corrosive detergents, or long-term use will corrode the leather, causing the leather to lose its original luster, hard, and easy to split, and chemical residue, causing secondary pollution.

2, interior cleaning needs to choose appropriate tools

Interior cleaning must not use a harder nylon brush or nano sponge brush for scrubbing, although the efficiency is higher, but the leather damage on the seat is very large. It is recommended to use a soft horse hair brush for cleaning, not to harm the interior.

For some interior edge seam, the hand is difficult to reach into the place, you can use the detail brush to scrub, clean the gap dirt deeply, do not leave a dead Angle.

For a car carpets, wool pads this dirty place, you can use a tornado cleaning dust cleaning gun, the gun's strong airflow can be some hidden inside the dust dirt first break up, make its from adhesion hover state fall off from the state, thus facilitating the next inhale dust dirt out.