Car Jump Starter

The main function of the car battery is to provide energy for electric vehicles, as well as to store energy. For people who have a car, I believe that many people are not too familiar with how their car battery works, right? In fact, a lot of things in the car are operated by the car battery, including the car starting. So how do you charge the battery? The following to watch how to charge the car battery.

How to charge a car battery -- Background

Because the battery discharges more than 25% in winter; Discharge exceeds 50% in summer; The lights are dim; It is right to charge when the startup is weak. But some owners think that fast charging can save time, only need 3-5 hours. It's not. Fast charging just activates the surface of the battery quickly, while the inside of the battery is not fully charged. Of course, in addition to fast charging, there is a slow charging, charging time for 10-15 hours, those deep battery must be slow charging, otherwise the charging time is not enough, the amount of charging is insufficient, will directly affect the driving performance of the car. Nowadays, more and more electric equipment on the car, the owner in the use of these electric equipment, try not to let the battery overload work. The overload of the battery will reduce the life of the battery, so it is important to master the correct method of battery charging.

How to charge the car battery -- the correct way to charge the car battery

1. First of all, connect the positive electrode of the battery to the positive electrode of the power supply, and connect the negative electrode of the battery to the negative electrode of the power supply.

2, the initial charge for two stages: first of all, the initial charge current charged to the electrolyte released bubbles, single cell voltage up to 2.3~2.4V. Then the current is reduced to 1/2 initial charging current, continue to charge to the electrolyte released violent bubbles, pointer and voltage for 3h stable so far. The full charging time is about 45~65h.

3, the charging process should often measure the electrolyte temperature with the current halved, stop charging or cooling method, the temperature control at 35~40℃, the initial charging is completed, if the electrolyte proportion is not specified, the application of distilled water or the proportion of 1.4 electrolyte to adjust. Charge for 2H after adjustment until the specific gravity meets the requirements.

How to charge the car battery - check work

Appearance Inspection of Batteries

First battery is compared commonly rules, if found on both sides of the battery appears obvious deformation or bulge, it must be need to check the replacement, and observe the battery wiring pile, if a some white or green powder objects around the pile head, shows the battery problems, because the object is in the battery oxide powder, Generally new or good quality battery will not appear this condition.

Battery voltage detection

Car battery voltage is generally at about 12 v, after the launch vehicle will enhance between 13 and 14 v, these are all normal voltage value, we can use at ordinary times the voltage meter or the multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery, and now some vehicle charging connector has screen voltage above, we can also observe the size of the voltage. If the voltage before the vehicle is not started is lower than 12V or the voltage after the start is lower than 13V, it indicates that the loss of the battery is more. It is a good method to judge the condition of the battery from the voltage value of the battery.

Inspection of observation port

More than 80% of the battery will have an observation port, generally in the upper part of the battery, the observation port can see three colors: green, yellow and black. Green means a full charge, yellow means a slight deficit, and black means it is nearing obsolescence and needs to be replaced. But here is to say that the information of the observation mouth reaction can only be used as one of the references, because many owners said that the observation mouth feedback is not reliable.

Automobile battery is a very important device, daily inspection work is very necessary. Now because of environmental issues, all batteries are maintenance-free, so there is no addition of electrolyte. Just follow the normal process of charging. In the average life of the battery is 2-3 years, if you charge it after 2-3 years, he will not save much electricity. So both to be able to charge, also want to understand charging.